International Fastener Show 2023 will take place from Nov 15-30, 2023

International Fastener Show 2023, supported by, will be held from Nov 15-30 , 2023. It is expected that more than 300 exhibitors, 100,000 international buyers  will participate in the show.


Making full use of 19-year experience in B2B platform operation and 13-year experience in Fastener Expo Shanghai, devotes all efforts to link the needs of upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad.


Highlights of China Fastener Show


1 on 1 Purchase Meeting

The 1 on 1 Purchase Meeting connects international buyers and Chinese fastener suppliers without space limitation. A professional customer service team will coordinate the meetings to help buyers find qualified suppliers efficiently.


10 Days Around the Clock Visiting

China Fastener Show Online provides all-weather data exhibition hall, live video, real-time negotiation, supply and procurement connection, real-time transaction, online activities to present company’s information and combine resources. By this means, a link connecting demand and supply is built.


Without traveling, costs are greatly reduced. 5 days around the clock communication online break the limitation of time and space. 


Cloud Factory Visiting

During this period, some world renowned enterprises will show you around their factories. You will see how they work, what equipment they use, and how they manage such a big company.


Technology Sharing

Multiple series of technology sharing will be held too. World class experts are invited to China Fastener Show (Online) to share the latest technology.


It is an online show that you can’t miss it!



Name: International Fastener Show 2023

Time: Nov 15-30, 2023

Form: Online exhibition, 30 days around the clock

Scale: 300+ exhibitors, 5,000 professional visitors, 300+concurrent events



Range of exhibition
Hall A Fastener Finished Products Hall
A1 Standard Fastener、A2 Stainless Fastener 、A3 Stamping Part/ Lathe、A4 Automobile Fastener、A5 Construction Fastener
Hall B Fastener accessory products and service hall
B1 Fastener Equipment、B2 Mold/ Consumables、B3 Industry Service

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